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In his book "Baseball Dynasties," baseball writer Rob Neyer introduces the concept of the "standard score" to evaluate and compare the greatness of baseball teams across different eras. 
Neyer's standard score system provides an objective and quantifiable measure of a team's dominance by focusing on run differential. Neyer's method is based on standard deviations from the average run differential. This approach allows for the comparison of teams across different eras by normalizing their performance relative to their contemporaries. 
How It Works: 
1. Run Differential: Calculate the difference between the runs a team scored and the runs it allowed. This gives the team's run differential. 
2. League Average: Determine the average run differential for all teams in the league during the same period. This average serves as a benchmark for comparison. 
3. Comparison: Compare the team's run differential to the league average. This involves measuring how far above or below the team is from the average in units called "standard deviations," which show how much the numbers vary within the league. 
Simplified Explanation: 
Neyer’s formula helps us understand whether a team was slightly better or significantly better than its competition by comparing its runs scored and allowed to the league average. This method allows for fair comparisons of teams from different eras, helping to identify which ones truly dominated. 
The 2024 Phillies: 
SDS scores as of 5/24/24.
Through 51 games, the Phillies have a "standard score" of 3.49, the highest in the National League. The Dodgers have the second highest at 2.89, while the Braves place third with a score of 1.78. 
For historical context, the 1927 Yankees hold the record for the highest single-season "standard score" in history at 3.88. They are followed by the 1906 Cubs (3.73), the 1939 Yankees (3.69), the 1917 Giants (3.68), and the 1984 Tigers (3.65). 
From a Philadelphia perspective, the 1911 Athletics achieved a "standard score" of 3.11, the 1929 Athletics posted a score of 2.97, and the 2008 Phillies had a score of 2.19. 
You can look at the win-loss record and know the 2024 Phillies have the potential to put together a special season, but seeing the club intermixed with some of the best in baseball history is truly remarkable. 
Their current performance places them among legendary teams, suggesting that this season could be one for the ages if they maintain this level of play.

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