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Our Story
I remember riding in the bed of a pickup truck through the streets of Juniata Park after winning the Devlin League travel championship in the summer of 1995. Music blared as a half dozen of my teammates bounced around, yelling about our win over Max Myers. 
I was 12-years-old and knew that would be the pinnacle of my playing career. A few years later, I turned my attention from my glove to a shiny new Dell laptop, realizing I could use my skills as a writer to stay close to the game. 

Now, having covered baseball in Philadelphia for nearly two decades with bylines in dozens of publications, including, Baseball America, and the Philadelphia Daily News, I want to see the game grow in a meaningful way.

Our purpose is to grow the sport in the region while covering the countless storylines, especially at the amateur level, that large mainstream media outlets ignore. With over two dozen college programs in our coverage area, nearly a hundred high schools in Philadelphia, and three high-caliber adult leagues (Delco, Perky, Pendel), there is plenty to cover.
The Phillies may dominate the headlines, but so many other baseball storylines are worth being told, particularly at the amateur level. That's the aim of the Philadelphia Baseball Review; baseball journalism with purpose.  

Founded in 2007, the Philadelphia Baseball Review is credentialed by Major League Baseball. 

About the Founder
Patrick Gordon is an award-winning journalist and has covered baseball for more than a decade. He has a Masters in journalism and has worked with various news outlets in the region. His work has appeared in dozens of publications across the country, including Baseball America,, Sports Collectors Monthly, the Philadelphia Daily News and the Las Vegas Sun. 

Gordon also is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA), the National College Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), and serves on the executive board of the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA). 

Gordon is a Temple University graduate and lives in Warrington. He currently teaches a sports journalism class as an adjunct professor at Temple. He also is a PIAA certified umpire and a member of the Board of Directors for Horsham Little League where he coaches his seven-year-old son. 

Patrick Gordon, CEO & Executive Editor - Philadelphia Baseball Review