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Growing up in urban Philadelphia, I was the kid that wrote stories about pickup Wiffle ball games. I also kept statistics for a stick-ball league where we used the trunk of an old Buick as second base. Yeah, those were the days. 

Fact is, I knew once I entered college that the fastest way for me to reach the majors would be to write about baseball rather than play. A poor man’s second baseman, I ended my freshman year in college by trading in my batting gloves for a Dell laptop. At that point, the Philadelphia Baseball Review was born.

Now, I'm a Philadelphia-based entrepreneur and have parlayed my love of baseball and writing into into a gig as a baseball writer. 

The Philadelphia Baseball Review is an independent journalistic enterprise that reports and breaks baseball news related to Philadelphia.

In addition to publishing on the Web, The Review also publishes a monthly magazine chronicling the sport in Philadelphia.

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About Patrick Gordon, Founder & Managing Editor
Patrick Gordon during batting practice prior to a game at Fenway Park.Gordon is an award-winning journalist and has covered baseball for more than a decade. He has a Masters in journalism and has worked with various news outlets in the region. His work has appeared in dozens of publications across the country, including Baseball America,, Sports Collectors Monthly, the Philadelphia Daily News and the Las Vegas Sun.

Gordon is a Temple University graduate and lives in Horsham. He currently teaches a sports journalism class as an adjunct professor at Temple.
The Review is accredited by Major League Baseball and has received credentials from various minor and major league clubs. Gordon also is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) and serves on the executive board of the Pennsylvania School Press Association.

- Patrick Gordon, Managing Editor of the Philadelphia Baseball Review


    Rakibul Islam said...
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    Ricky Olsen said...

    Baseball is truly an amazing and intriguing game. We once played the game in Washington D. C. then we didn't. We sent all the Senators to Minnesota. The team in Montreal got exposed so they send them to Washington. The team in Minnesota had twins.

    Dennis L. Ward said...

    Baseball is a great game I like from my childhood life.