If you are an avid baseball fan, then it’s understandable that you want to be involved in the sport at any given opportunity, and what better way to do this than to play some of the best baseball games! Sure, you don’t want to play while you’re watching live MLB, but to keep you interested, you can enjoy these games in the downtime between matches! 

If this sounds fun, or you have been looking for some baseball sports games, you are in luck! We have listed seven fantastic options below which include console games for platforms like the Xbox and PlayStation, mobile games and video slots — enjoy!

1. MLB The Show 23 (console) 
 MLB The Show 23 is easily the best console baseball game available, and it really doesn’t have any competition. Created by San Diego Studio, this is one of the most realistic baseball games available and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. 

It features both single player and multiplayer modes and has official MLB licensing alongside real player likenesses and teams. For example, Jazz Chisholm Jr. is featured on the cover artwork. The gameplay gives you great control and you can play any position. Interestingly, this version also has a storyline mode that concentrates on the Negro leagues. 

2. MLB 9 Innings 23 (mobile) 
 Possibly the best baseball mobile game, MLB 9 Innings 23 features real rosters and players and gives you fun games at the tip of your fingers on both Android and iOS devices. We also really like the historic player feature which allows you to play as legendary baseball stars from past eras, such as Willie Mays, Pedro Martinez, Stan Musial and Yogi Berra. 

The graphics look great for a mobile game and the gameplay is smooth too. With regular content updates, this is a great choice for smartphone gamers. 

3. MLB Perfect Inning 23 (mobile) 
 MLB Perfect Inning 23 is the another officially sponsored baseball mobile game, which is incredibly popular like MLB 9 Innings 23. In this game, you can recreate epic battles and live out your dream matchups like the Phillies vs the Rangers in the World Series. The controls are relatively easy but it does take some skill to throw a curve ball and you need to be on point to get your batting right! 

4. MLB The Show 22 (console) 
If you don’t want to fork out the full price for the latest version of MLB The Show, you can always drop back to the previous iteration and the 2022-23 season rosters and teams. This game is also available via the Xbox Game Pass system, so if you have a subscription then you don’t have to pay extra for it. You can choose to control either the team manager, entire team, or individual players at any position which gives you real flexibility and extends the playability. 

5. Baseball Grand Slam (video slot) 
 Urgent Games has created a fun baseball-themed slot in Baseball Grand Slam. The various slot symbols represent different items, such as a glove and ball, trophies and the diamond. It has a traditional slot layout with a 5x3 reel and 20 paylines. There is a scatter symbol too, and if you land three of these anywhere on the reels, you are awarded with free spins! There is a cool bonus feature too which triggers the bonus game where you get additional wild symbols and chances to win. 

6. Legends of Baseball (video slot) 
 The software developer Genii has created another fantastic baseball slot. This slot features more realistic graphics and symbols as opposed to the often cartoon style you see in slots. The background has a stadium packed full of supporters and a baseball game unfolding and the music fits perfectly too. The symbols represent different baseball items, such as the umpire, bat, glove and trophy. The 5x3 reel layout and 25 paylines are relatively standard and you can also find special features like scatter symbols, wilds and the chance to win free spins. 

7. Baseball Frenzy (video slot) 
 Baseball Frenzy might have cartoon graphics, but the gameplay is incredibly fun and it’s one of the more entertaining sports slots we’ve played. This is perfect for using your no deposit bonus on. The graphics are fantastic, and you can see a baseball match unfolding in the background as you spin the reels. It has a classic baseball organ-style music and the sound effects of the reel animations are great too. There are some cool bonus features, such as scatter symbols, wild symbols and the chance to win six free spins. 

Get your baseball fix with these fantastic games 
 While there is no substitute for watching live MLB or participating in games yourself, as you can see it’s still possible to get your baseball fix! Whether you want to play on your smartphone with awesome mobile titles like MLB 9 Innings 23 and MLB Perfect Inning 23 or jump onto your console and smash out some innings on MLB The Show 23, there is something for everyone! For the adventurous, there is also the amazing range of baseball-themed slots too with fun titles like Baseball Grand Slam, Legends of Baseball and Baseball Frenzy, where you could even win some epic cash prizes!

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