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It's tough to travel around the streets of Philadelphia right now and not hear "Dancing On My Own" being played at intersections, stop signs, or anywhere else you may encounter Phillies fans. 

The song has taken on a life in Philadelphia because it's become the Phillies' postseason anthem, a tune they blast in the clubhouse following wins and during clinching celebrations. 

The tune is a DJ Tiesto remix of Calum Scott's version of 'Dancing On My Own.', but the original credits of the song belong to Swedish pop star Robyn who released the song in 2010. 

So how did a song about heartache and sadness become a clubhouse anthem? 

According to multiple outlets, Boston Red Sox catcher Kevin Plawecki began using the song as his walkup music in games played in 2020 at an empty Fenway Park because of the COVID pandemic. The Red Sox adopted the song as their anthem following the 2021 American League Division Series victory over Tampa Bay. 

Kyle Schwarber, who had played a pivotal role for that Red Sox club, liked the tune so much that he brought the song to the Phillies' clubhouse. It caught on almost immediately. 

"Everyone loved it," said backup catcher and unofficial team DJ Garrett Stubbs. "We win, we walk in here, and we let it play. It's awesome." 

Stubbs has curated a playlist that's 4 hours and 41 minutes. It contains music from nearly every genre, including artists such as Alabama, Ludacris, and Ginuwine. 

"It's just something to get us going," Stubbs said. "We come in after a win and sing along; it's great." 

Scott is currently on tour in the Philippines, though he responded to a fan's Tweet that he is interested in performing 'Dancing On My Own' in Philadelphia. 

Something tells me that could be a real possibility if a parade marches down Broad Street within the next two weeks. If Scott isn't singing it, you know a couple hundred thousand people - if not more - will be. 

"We need to keep it going," Stubbs said on Sunday following the NLCS celebration. "This is just too much fun."
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