The World Series is coming back to Philadelphia, but if you plan to attend, it'll cost you a sizable chunk of change. 

According to ticket reseller TicketIQ, the average ticket price for Monday's Game 3, the first game to be played in Philadelphia, is over $3,000. It's the second-highest price for a single championship game in nearly a decade; the most expensive tickets belonged to the Chicago Cubs during their 2016 World Series run. 

"The demand is incredible right now," said Pete Towerson, a ticket broker from Chester. "I think it will only grow as the week wears on." 

Per TicketIQ, the average ticket for a game in Philadelphia is $3,228, while the average price for a game in Houston is $1,584. 

"People are telling me they are flying down to Houston, getting tickets, hotel, everything, and it's still cheaper," Towerson said. "This fan base is rabid right now and really loves this club." 

As wild as the secondary market is, fans still have an opportunity to enter a lottery through the Phillies to win the right to purchase tickets, but that will close tonight at 11:59 p.m. The Phillies say they plan to notify winners on Wednesday. 

If you're stuck rummaging through the secondary market though, Towerson has some suggestions on how to be safe and avoid losing money. 

"As best as you can, try to make sure you are dealing with a reputable person or broker," Towerson said. "Do they have a previous track record of selling tickets? Are the reviews positive? These are all things to consider. Another piece of advice is not to ever deal with websites you've never heard of before. Stick with the known sites, like Stubhub."
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