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John DeBrigida is the head coach of the FTB/DB9 Phillies NE 2026. With over two decades of experience in baseball at various levels in the region, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Beyond coaching on the diamond, John is dedicated to mentoring young adults in the classroom, using his extensive experience to guide and inspire the next generation both athletically and academically. 
In this episode we discuss FTB, his involvement in the local scene, his advice on finding the right program, and his relationship with Dom Brown. 
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Our purpose is to grow the sport in the region while covering the countless storylines, especially at the amateur level, that large mainstream media outlets ignore. With over two dozen college programs in our coverage area, nearly a hundred high schools in Philadelphia, and three high-caliber adult leagues (Delco, Perky, Pendel), there is plenty to cover. 

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Patrick Gordon is an award-winning journalist and has covered baseball for nearly two decades. He has a master's in journalism and has worked with various news outlets in the region. His work has appeared in dozens of publications across the country, including Baseball America,, Sports Collectors Monthly, the Philadelphia Daily News, and the Las Vegas Sun. Gordon also is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA), and the National College Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), and has served on the executive board of the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA). 

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