La Salle Baseball
It's a good day for the Philadelphia baseball community. 

La Salle University has announced plans to reintroduce baseball as a varsity sport starting in the 2025-26 academic year, part of a broader expansion of its athletic programs. The decision, shared by President Daniel J. Allen, Ph.D., and Vice President of Athletics & Recreation Ashwin Puri, follows a thorough review of the university's sports landscape and strategic objectives. 

The Board of Trustees has endorsed the move, highlighting the university's commitment to providing a diverse range of athletic opportunities for its students. 

"In recent months, La Salle University and the Athletics Department have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of our intercollegiate athletics and sports offerings," stated President Allen. "This process involved meticulous analysis to identify opportunities for enhancing our athletic programs, including the addition of select varsity sports, improvements to our dance and cheerleader squads, and the establishment of a band program." 

The decision to reinstate baseball comes after the sport was discontinued following the 2021 season due to cost-cutting measures. Despite efforts from alumni and former coaches to maintain the program, the university opted to suspend baseball alongside several other sports. 

"Our evaluation included a review of the sports discontinued in 2020 to assess the potential for reinstatement," explained Vice President Puri. "Our analysis indicated that baseball presented the most viable opportunity for reinstatement, leveraging our existing infrastructure and the continued strong support from our alumni community." 

La Salle's baseball program, established in 1947, has a storied history, having participated in the NCAA Tournament twice, in 1964 and 1985. 

In its final season in 2021, the La Salle University baseball program achieved a notable milestone by securing a 32-21 record, marking the team's first winning season since 2011.

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