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Dirk Baker
Dirk Baker is writing a book about one of the legends of the Philadelphia baseball scene - Kid Gleason. 

William "Kid" Gleason, while predominantly remembered as the manager of the infamous 1919 Chicago White Sox entangled in the gambling scandal, boasts a lesser-known but notable legacy in Philadelphia's baseball annals. 

Hailing from Camden, Gleason made his mark as a Philadelphia baseball icon. His journey commenced with the Phillies in 1888, debuting with a commendable 2.84 ERA across 24 games. However, it was in 1890 that Gleason truly shone, amassing a remarkable 38 wins and a stellar 2.63 ERA, marking his pinnacle as a pitcher. 

Following this peak, he maintained a solid performance, securing a 24-21 record before being transferred to St. Louis in 1892. After an eleven-year hiatus, Gleason returned to Philadelphia, transitioning to second base. Despite passing his prime offensive years, he displayed resilience, batting .274 at the age of 37, showcasing his enduring passion for the game. 

Gleason eventually retired from playing at the venerable age of 45, seamlessly transitioning into coaching. His tenure included managing the White Sox and serving under Connie Mack for the Athletics. 

Gleason's final chapter unfolded in Philadelphia, where he ultimately rested in peace, interred at Northwood Cemetery in West Oak Lane. Beyond the shadow of the scandal, Gleason's multifaceted career paints a portrait of resilience, dedication, and enduring love for the sport that marked him as a true luminary in Philadelphia's baseball history.

If you're a fan of Philadelphia baseball history, you don't want to miss this. Enjoy! 

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