Rhys Hoskins
PHILADELPHIA - Rhys Hoskins woke up in Clearwater on Tuesday and completed a workout before hopping on a plan and touching down at Philadelphia International Airport about two hours before the first pitch of Game 7 of the National League Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park. 

“I wanted to be here with these guys," Hoskins said in the clubhouse following Tuesday's 4-2 loss "It’s a Game 7, I’m a sports fan, I like Game 7s. I just wanted to take this scene in one more time. I’m thankful the organization was able to get me here one more time.” 
It is possible Hoskins would have made the World Series roster if the Phillies had won. He had been in Clearwater rehabbing a torn ACL he sustained in spring training. 
"I was trying to do everything in my position to make the decision hard on the manager," Hoskins said. "… I felt ready. I was able to make a lot of progress the last couple of weeks down in Florida trying to get some live at-bats. I’m definitely excited to build on that."
Hoskins is now a free agent, and his future in Philadelphia is uncertain. Bryce Harper, who was coming off Tommy John surgery, assumed first base duties following the All-Star break and played well enough defensively that he may stay there in 2024. 
Harper has said he is open to returning to the outfield, but that could complicate the depth chart and force a platoon situation with Brandon Marsh and Johan Rojas in center field. Kyle Schwarber is a below-average defensive outfielder, meaning he'll likely retain the designated hitter role. 
All this to say, the Phillies may not have a roster slot that Hoskins can easily slide into. 
“Those decisions are way above my pay grade,” said Hoskins. “If there are ways for me to be back, I’m sure the people who make those decisions will find ways for me to be back. I’ve said all along and I’ll say it again, I would love to be back here. 
“It’s a team that’s fun, they’re competitive as hell and we have the chance to win the World Series here every year. That doesn’t exist around all of baseball. It’s just an easy organization to be a part of. I grew up here. I’ve learned a lot of things about life here, I’ve learned a lot of things about baseball here and those aren’t things I take lightly.” 
Aaron Nola finds himself in a similar situation as a free agent. The 30-year-old righty will command a hefty sum on the open market, but he also is interested in returning to Philadelphia. He stood in front of his locker on Tuesday night and seemed a tad emotional talking about his future. 
“Just trying to spend some time with the guys and soak it all in,” said Nola. “I’ve been through it all over here, been on nearly 100-loss teams to where we are now. I’ve been blessed to be a part of that and see it through.” 
Nola acknowledged he hadn't thought much about how this offseason will play out. He and the club attempted to get a deal done last offseason, but the two sides couldn't come to terms on the value or length of a contract. He'll enter the market as one of the most coveted starting pitchers available. 
"Every year's not the same," Nola said. "Hope I'm back next year, but guys come in and out. You form relationships and you make good friends each year, new guys come in, you form that bond. 
"No team's the exact same, and it's the hard part about the business, right? You spend pretty much the whole year together, battling through the ups and downs and successes and struggles, that's what makes the game so pretty, and what makes a good team a good team. You got a lot of good guys in this clubhouse. You got a lot of good players in this clubhouse, and the way that we play together, as one team, nobody's selfish. That's what makes it so special."

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