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Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber will represent the Phillies in Monday's Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium, marking just the eighth time since the inception of the Derby in 1985 that the Phils have a representative.

Schwarber will face Albert Pujols in the first round. 

Schwarber entered Monday with the second best odds of the eight competitors (+330), ranking only behind reigning two-time champion Pete Alonzo. 

Here's a look at Philadelphia's history in the annual Home Run Derby: 

Jim Thome (2004): Thome was the first Phillie to participate in the HR Derby. He entered with high expectations, carrying 28 homers into the All-Star break, but hit just four in the competition and finished in sixth place. 

Bobby Abreu (2005): Abreu's performance in Detroit remains one of the greatest spectacles in HR Derby history. Abreu hit 41 dingers that night, a record that stood for 11 years. Abreu cruised to victory, marking the first time a Phillie had ever won the HR Derby. 

Ryan Howard (2006): Howard barely advanced past the opening round but eventually took the crown in Pittsburgh with a win over David Wright in the final. Howard went on to hit 58 homers that year as the Phillies began their rise to prominence in the NL East. 

Ryan Howard (2007): A favorite to repeat as champion, Howard hit just three homers in the opening round and exited the HR Derby without much of a stir. 

Chase Utley (2008): Utley's seventh-place performance in the HR Derby was forgettable, but he did grab a headline. Whle being booed at Yankee Stadium - and on live television - Utley responded with an explitive that was audible on television. It's another footnote in the long history surrounding Utley vs. New York City. 

Ryan Howard (2009): Howard's third and final appearance marked the end of a six-year streak of Philadelphia being represented in the HR Derby. Howard hit 15 dingers but finished third in the competition. 

Rhys Hoskins (2018): Hoskins finished third in the contest at Nationals Park, hitting 20 homers in the second round before losing to Schwarber and his 21 dingers. Bryce Harper, then a National, went on to win the contest, knocking out Schwarber in the championship round.

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