MLB and MLBPA continue to talk
Sources on Monday night indicated Major League Baseball is likely to reject a proposal from the MLB Players Association that offered a 114-game season and potential opt-out clauses for at-risk players during the COVID pandemic.

MLB intends to offer a significantly different proposal to the MLBPA later this week that includes a 50-game season that will begin in July and wrap-up near the end of September.

The two sides continue to disagree on how to deal with salaries. The MLBPA continues to push for a season of at least 100 games because salaries, for now, are directly connected with games played. It seems they would settle at an 81-game season, but MLB is seemingly not interested in paying out salaries for half a season with no fans in the stands.

MLB's line in the sand, per sources and reports, is that there's a certain comfort level in paying approximately a third of individual salaries, but anything beyond is a gamble and not a risk owners are willing to take.

It also makes sense that MLB is pushing for a shorter season as the owners will profit from the revenue generated from the postseason. A shorter regular season leaves less potential for the postseason to be impacted by the potential of a second wave from the COVID pandemic. It would be disastrous for owners if COVID were to force the league to cancel the postseason and World Series, so much so that several organizations could face dire financial consequences.

Hanging in the balance of all of this is the possibility that attendance could remain curtailed in 2021.

"It's not an easy spot for any of us to be in right now," said one American League executive. "There's a ton riding on the decisions being made right now and it's vital that we explore every possibility."

Negotiations remain ongoing, but time is starting to become a factor.

"Realistically, we need to have this put to bed within the next seven days," the executive said. "We have teams that need to figure out plans and talk to local officials. We need to get back to baseball."
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