Hoskins in Philadelphia to greet McCutchen
Rhys Hoskins was in Philadelphia on Tuesday as the Phillies introduced Andrew McCutchen. He acknowledges the club is better today than when the season wrapped up in October, though he's still working in his own way to make the club even better for 2019.

"I've talked to guys, yeah," Hoskins said on Tuesday. "But nothing too extensive. Just trying to offer a helping hand if I can, give a player's perspective of what this organization is, what the city is, too. I think a big thing is the families of some of these guys, right, just having a resource for them. If they want to speak to me they can, if they want to speak to my fiancée they can. So just kind of having that perspective available to guys I think is helpful. And I look forward to hopefully having more conversations with guys in the future."

Hoskins shares the same agent as megastar Bryce Harper in Scott Boras. Yes, the two have talked about potentially teaming up in Philadelphia.

"Nothing too specific, just letting him know what it's like here in Philly and under Gabe [Kapler]," Hoskins said, describing his conversations with Harper. "I've told him I'm willing to chat further if he wants."

Asked if he had a preference in joining forces with Harper or Manny Machado, Hoskins played it coy.

"Two really good ballplayers that are great at what they do," Hoskins said.
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