Remembering the 1993 Phillies
I remember sitting in my parents' house in October 1993 and laying on the couch fighting to keep my eyes open. I was 10-years-old and watching the Phillies slug it out with the Blue Jays in the Fall Classic.

That team was something else, particularly for an impressionable kid captivated with baseball.

I remember Billy Penn donning the Phillies' cap. I remember the "dress down" days at school where we could wear a Phillies t-shirt over our uniform. I remember the bonding experience of watching those games with my father.

To think it's been 25 years since the likes of Dykstra, Daulton, and Kruk took the field is still a bit tough to fathom.

The Vet, the 700-level, being a pre-teen, it's an equation that results in memories that just can't be topped.

The 2008 Phillies are immortalized and rightfully so, but from a pure fandom perspective, it's tough to argue that club as more memorable than 1993.

Perhaps it's me. Perhaps it was the couch I was lounging on with my father a mere five feet away, or maybe it was because these guys defined the first winning baseball team of my youth.

The 1993 Phillies were special. They deserve today and I'm thrilled to be sitting in the press box watching memories of my childhood reserve a mighty applause.
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