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As if Phillies' fans needed to hear about another experiment during the first week of the season, right?

Wednesday's contest with the Mets is not televised, but instead will be streamed live on Facebook. It's part of a new experiment that Major League Baseball is exploring with the social media giant.

“Obviously, there are millions of people that are engaging on all different kinds of platforms,” Tony Petitti, deputy commissioner of business and media for MLB, said on Tuesday. “We’re just trying to figure out ways to bring our content to as many platforms where fans aggregate as possible.”

The Phils will be on Facebook again April 26 against Arizona.

John Kruk will be in the broadcast booth today alongside former Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd and MLB Network’s Scott Braun.

Today's contest is the first of 25 games MLB will stream exclusively to Facebook.

Accessing games is free but will require a Facebook account and use of Facebook Watch’s MLB Live page.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Facebook Watch:

1. Launch your web browser and navigate to www.facebook.com.
2. Log-in to Facebook.
3. Once logged in, search for “MLB Live.”
4. Follow the “MLB Live” show page to receive updates.

1. Download and/or launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet device.
2. Search for “MLB Live.”
3. Follow the “MLB Live” show page to receive updates.

1. Download the Facebook video app on your TV or streaming device and search for “MLB Live.”
2. (Alternatively) Stream a game from your phone to a TV on the same wifi network by tapping the (TV) icon.

Today's Starting Lineup
1. Cesar Hernandez 4
2. Carlos Santana 3
3. Nick Williams 9
4. Rhys Hoskins 7
5. Aaron Altherr 8
6. Maikel Franco 5
7. Andrew Knapp 2
8. J.P. Crawford 6
9. Aaron Nola 1
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