Kapler deserves some blame, but Phillies are underperforming
Despite the lackluster start to the season, there's still something special about a home opener. Though I'll admit, today will be even more interesting as Gabe Kapler will hear a response from a full house at Citizens Bank Park.

It's troubling the Phillies have opened the season as poorly as they have and Kapler is certainly worthy of blame, but so too are most of the players on the 25-man roster to this point.


The Phillies have the second-worst batting average in the majors (.189) and the highest strikeout rate (26%).

Starting pitching?

Phillies starters have lasted just 22 2/3 innings, second fewest number of innings in baseball. You can partly blame Kapler for this, but this falls on the hurlers too.

Relief pitching?

The 6.43 ERA carried by the bullpen is the fifth-worst in baseball, compounded by a 1.55 WHIP which is also the fifth-worst mark in baseball.

Given the unorthodox approach Kapler has taken thus far to managing, it's easy to say he's the reason for the early season struggles. The fact is though, that's too simplistic of an argument.

Dig beyond the failed shifts and odd pitching changes and you'll see a team over the first five games woefully underperforming.

Remember that when you have the urge to greet Kapler with some Philly-style boos on Thursday.
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