Phillies connected to Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta is an outstanding pitcher, but he's seeking a long-term deal and historically that's been a dealbreaker for the Phillies. Now, however, there appears to be sincere interest and the two are talking.

MLB Network's Jon Heyman reported Tuesday morning the Phillies and Arrieta's agent, Scott Boras, are "having dialogue" about a potential deal. Sources close to the Philadelphia Baseball Review indicate the Phillies are willing to go three years on a deal whereas Arrieta is looking for five.

Arrieta, 31, went 14-10 with a 3.53 ERA in 30 starts last season for the Cubs. According to sources, he's looking to earn an annual average salary of $23 million. The Phillies have the cash and space, but it's the length of contract that's an obstacle.

Phillies general manager Matt Klentak said last week the club will remain disciplined and isn't interested in making an impulse buy.

"We've gone through this rebuild, we've acknowledged that it was going to be painful for a few years," Klentak said. "It has been. We're not going to do anything to compromise the future of that. We're going to continue to do this right. We're competitive as anybody else is, but we're not going to radically change our valuation on a potential acquisition based on emotion. That's not something we're going to do."

It's no secret the Phillies could use an arm like Arrieta's in the rotation, especially considering the questions hovering behind Aaron Nola. Even so, it's doubtful Klentak and Co. will go against their initial blueprint and throw money at a deal that hinders salary flexibility in the long term.
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