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Matt Klentak ready as the Phillies prepare for busy week ahead
To simply say the coming days leading up to next week's trade deadline are important for Phillies general manager Matt Klentak is an understatement. Leading a club in a rebuild is one thing, but piecing together a roster for a club that's regressing in a rebuild is an entirely different task.

“We try not to place expectations or put a number on anything because we have to be open-minded on a number of variables,” Klentak said. “I think in terms of players on our roster who are under control through this year, they have done very well in the first half of a season and put themselves in a position to be traded or to coveted by other clubs. I don’t know if I will say expecting to or are expecting to. I think the players that have played well and put themselves to be wanted, that’s good for everybody.”

Klentak said he has spoken to every team in baseball over the past three weeks, gauging the market to learn of what's available while talking about other club's needs.

From the Phillies perspective, Pat Neshek, Jeremy Hellickson, Daniel Nava, Howie Kendrick, and Joaquin Benoit are all on the market. None of these players will score a huge return, but deals will open space on the 25-man roster and allow the opportunity for the club to promote talent from the farm that's deemed ready for the majors.

“We are prepared to do that,” Klentak said. “We think we have a variety of players at various positions at triple A that are approaching major-league readiness. We should be able to adjust in any way we need to adjust.”
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