Celebrate baseball on the 4th of July
We live in a time of divisiveness and opposition, an era where far too people concern themselves with arguing their opinion while ignoring those of others.

On Tuesday we celebrate our nation. Sure, we have our differences, but one of our gathering places is the ballpark. It's a place where differences are put aside. A place where we gather as a nation to mourn and memorialize (post 9/11), but also a place where together we celebrate (capture of bin Laden). We come together as one.

I'm not foolish to think that our political and social ills will be cured by a ballgame, but I'll be the first to argue that baseball plays a significant role as a unifying force. An outlet where - regardless of the happenings of the day - we gather and root. It's a bond across generations.

On this July 4th holiday I encourage you to think about our national pastime. Think about the role baseball has played in American history and how it's been a part of your life. Think about how you've shared in the game, with your parents, children, and others.

In such a chaotic time, it's good to know we have an escape where we can put differences aside and enjoy something simply pure and American.
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