By PATRICK GORDON | Managing Editor
July 31 1:00PM EDT.

Some quick Phillies notes as the non-waiver Trade Deadline approaches:
  • It's appearing less likely A.J. Burnett will be moved, due mostly to the fact he has another year remaining on his contract with a mutual option worth $15 million. The Cardinals, who were the favorites to trade for Burnett earlier in the week, made another move instead trading with the Indians to acquire Justin Masterson.
  • The Yankees and Tigers have expressed continued interest in Antonio Bastardo. The reliever is eligible for arbitration after the season and has seen his peripherals take a bit of a hit this year, so his price likely isn't too high. 
  • The Yankees and Pirates have both shown interest in Marlon Byrd, but sources say the Phillies are "asking for the moon" to move the veteran outfielder.
  • Cliff Lee remains on the trading block for the Phillies, but his contract and health are huge obstacles. The Dodgers have an interest and have the prospects to facilitate a deal, but one NL source said the Phillies would need to chip in some serious cash to offset Lee's large contract and that's not something the club appears willing to do.
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