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By PATRICK GORDON | Managing Editor
For even the most impressive of stars, baseball has a unique way of proving fallibility.

Roy Halladay admitted as much Wednesday morning at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla., speaking publicly for the first time since last season.  

"There is no such thing as a crystal ball," Halladay said. "You never want to look back and wish you had done something differently."

Halladay, 35, dealt with a previously undisclosed lower back issue last year that led to shoulder issues and eventually a six week stint on the disabled list with a strained shoulder muscle. He was silent about the problems with his back because he could not pinpoint the issue.

"I feel as good now as I have in any other spring training," Halladay said. "Last year, it's not that I felt bad, but things never clicked for me. The longer it got into the season, I could never really solve the problems I was having."

Halladay's workout regiment this spring is completely new. He has a new throwing routine and uses interval training when running, aimed to alleviate prolonged stress on his lower back. 

"Hopefully I'm not sitting here anytime soon and saying I'm done playing," Halladay said.

Halladay will become a free agent at the end of the season, but he has a sincere interest in finishing his career in Philadelphia. The Phillies may have an interest too, but the club obviously wants to confirm Halladay's health before entering into any type of contractual discussion.

"I'm playing to win a World Series," Halladay said. "If I had my druthers, I would be here until I am done."

- Patrick Gordon is the editor of the Philadelphia Baseball Review. Contact him at or @Philabaseball on Twitter.

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