PBR - Last night's loss knocked the Phillies to 12 games below .500, a mark they haven't been at since 2000.

Looking back, there have been 30 teams that finished with 100 wins since 1980, not including the 2011 Phillies. Of those clubs, how many do you think finished the following season with a record below .500? 

If you guessed one you're correct.

Taking out the four clubs impacted by strike-shortened seasons (94 ATL, 94 SFG, 81 NYY, 81 KC), every club except the 1986 Cardinals finished with a record above .500. As a matter of fact, the 30 clubs averaged 95 wins in the season following their respective 100 win campaigns (the '86 Cards finished 79-82). 

In franchise history, prior to the 2011 club, the Phillies had two other teams that finished with at least 100 wins: 1976 and 1977. Obviously,  the '77 club finished above the .500 mark, and the '78 version finished 90-72. 

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