PBR - The Phillies enter tonight's contest against the Braves at 10 games below .500. 

The time to make a move is now. 

This is the first year with an extra wild card spot, so the Phillies at least have that working in their favor. However, the odds seem stacked.

Imagine if the two-team wild card system had been in place in the National League since 2000. Instead of 12 wild card teams we now have 24. The average win total of the 24 teams that qualified for the postseason via the wild card is 89.95. 

To reach 90 wins the Phillies would have to go 53-25 in their remaining 78 contests. That's a .679 winning percentage.

To put that in perspective, the Nationals simply need to go 42-40 in their remaining 82 contests to reach 90 wins. That's a .525 winning percentage.

Remember, the journey of a mile begins with a single step.

The Phillies have reached a point where winning two-of-three isn't sustainable. Sweeps are necessary if they want a shot at the postseason.

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