PBR - Rosters have been finalized for the Review's Armed Forces Series.

In partnership with Diamond Mind Baseball, the Review will simulate a seven-game series between the Army and Navy clubs over the Memorial Day Weekend.

More information about the Armed Forces Series can be found here. Each player selected to participate spent a portion of their career serving in the military. The purpose of this tournament is to celebrate the relationship between baseball and the United States military.

Pitching matchups for the series:
  • Game One: Bob Feller vs. Robin Roberts
  • Game Two: Bob Lemon vs. Warren Spahn
  • Game Three: George Earnshaw vs. Red Ruffing
  • Game Four: Bob Feller vs. Robin Roberts
  • Game Five: If neccessary - TBD
  • Game Six: If neccessary - TBD
  • Game Seven: If neccessary - TBD
Games 1 and 2 on Friday at Veterans Stadium, Game 3  on Saturday at Baker Bowl, Games 4 and 5 on Sunday at Shibe Park and Games 6 and 7 on Monday at Citizens Bank Park.

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