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PBR - For those that may not know, the Philadelphia Baseball Review was established in 2005 as a means to cover the sport at various levels in the Delaware Valley. 

Sure, we provide daily Phillies coverage via our blog and Twitter feed, but the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer have the beat covered. It would be foolish to spend our limited resources on stories they are expected to cover.

We also don't want to regurgitate stories you can easily find somewhere else - our goal is to cover the uncovered and provide content that is unique, but relevant.

Moving forward, our Web site will be updated several times a month with feature-type stories, but the blog will house the day-to-day coverage.

Looking for comments on an upcoming series or an opinion on a managerial decision? Visit the blog. Hoping to see a feature on a high school star from Gratz? Check the Web site.

With that said, here are some of the different things we plan to do with our Phillies coverage this season:
  • Include more sabermetric analysis: Prior to every series we will provide an analytical scorecard that will compare the Phillies and their opponent in several key sabermetric categories.  We also will include some sabermetric analysis in our game recaps - which takes us to the second point ...
  • Game recaps will include a traditional write-up, but also an opinion and some advanced analysis. We also will touch on the next day's contest.
  • Morning Note columns several times a week.
  • Opinion column once a week.  
We have already introduced several new pieces to our college coverage this season, including:
  • Weekend roundups
  • Big 5 poll
  • Players of the Week
  • Sabermetic leader-boards
Our goal has never changed, but to survive in a world saturated by options we have to provide content that is timely and relevant, but also unique.

My background is in journalism, so I often struggle with the validity of blogging and the concept of purposely being different. Too often bloggers fail to do their own research and interject opinion with fact - not all do this, but far too many do.

For the longest time I've tried to disassociate myself and the Review from that arena, but to make the jump to the next level it's obvious we need to expand beyond the traditional baseball reporting model.

I'll do it, but I'm bringing my journalism values and teachings with me.

Hang with us and I'm sure you will enjoy the ride. 

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