PBR - We are less than two weeks from the start of Spring Training and Roy Oswalt remains without a home.

Reds GM Walt Jocketty told John Fay of the Cincinnati Inquirer on Tuesday that he hasn't recently had meaningful talks with Oswalt or his agent - and he seems peeved that everyone seems to think otherwise (check the link).

The Rangers have bailed on Oswalt and the Cardinals simply don't have room in their rotation or on the payroll. The Red Sox have shown casual interest, but that interest has waned over the past two weeks.

The Pirates were willing to negotiate with Oswalt, but he shot down the chance to play in Pittsburgh saying he wants to pitch for a contender.

So, what about a return to Philadelphia?


Oswalt is seeking a one-year deal for $10 million, so for him to come back the Phillies would have to move some cash to keep the payroll within the vicinity of  $170 million. Problem is, there really is no comparable contracts that can be traded. Todd Zolecki of MLB.com suggests Joe Blanton's $8.5 million deal would be the most logical to move, but the number of suitors for a 31-year-old with a damaged right elbow is slim.

If Oswalt were to lower his asking price to $8 million I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rangers regain interest and make a play. Yu Darvish and Neftali Feliz are both new to the rotation and Oswalt would provide veteran depth to a serious contender.

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