PBR - The charts below indicate the top three performers in three different sabermetric statistics:
  • Offensive Average
  • Hoban Effectiveness Quotient
  • Base Runs
Each of these three categories are better indicators of offensive production when compared to traditional measurements such as batting average and on-base percentage.

The formulas for each of the categories can be found below the chart.
Offensive Average: (TB+BB+SB)/(AB+BB)

Hoban Effectiveness Quotient: (TB+R+RBI+SB+.5*BB)

Base Runs: A*B/(B+C)+D where A = H+BB-HR, B = (1.4*TB-.6*H-3*HR+.1*BB)*1.02, C = AB-HR, D=HR

Sabermetric Big 5 Leaders - Pitching will be publised Tuesday.

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